is a nonprofit arts organization based in Waltham, MA whose mission is to provide art, education, and awareness to suburban communities for social impact. Founded in 2017, our objectives are to provide an outlet for artistic and creative expression and exploration, foster community engagement, and promote social and sustainable development through its mission-programs.


Art in Suburbia is a direct response to the lack of art institutions in suburban neighborhoods.

The value of the organization is built on the accessibility of art. Art is supplied not only to educate, but to bridge cultural gaps through collaborated efforts, creating opportunities for growth and a platform for diversiy of thought for social change.  





Meet the Executive Director

Linda V. Ferrer (LVF.LVX) was born in Venezuela to immigrant parents of Syrian and Native Peruvian descent. Raised in Miami where she began to create art at the age of 7, she had her first group show at the Omni at the age of 8. At 19 years old, her short film, Chest Hump (2004) premiered in the Miami Museum of Contemporary Art. Linda was active in helping the development of Wynwood before she moved to SC to raise a family. Linda's work was exhibited throughout Greenville, SC's galleries and small businesses including Studio Village and Gallery, Reverb, the Velo Fellow, and her very own - The Black Lodge. Linda was committed to providing an "underground-experimental" atmosphere to the Greenville art scene and curated multiple avant-garde exhibitions and shows of controversial subjects and artists, featuring films by Richard Kerns and Alejandro Jodorowsky. By 2013, Linda created a fashion line- MallMagick, which served as a socio-conceptual art piece for understanding humanity's association with occult symbolism. Linda studied art history in Turkey, Greece, Italy, and Rome, visiting ancient sacred sites as the basis of her mythological-inspired photographic series and poetry; rare self-published books entitled, E Nomine (2015) and Wake (2016).


Linda received her Master's degree from Brandeis University where she combines her love of art and passion for social and sustainable development, founding Art in Suburbia in 2017. 


Linda Victoria Ferrer

Founder, Executive Director